LIFE Network Danube Plus- the project

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The project LIFE Network Danube Plaus

The project LIFE Network Danube Plus connects the habitats between the VERBUND Danube power plants at Altenwörth and Greifenstein. Together with our partners, we are making the Danube fish-friendly and barrier-free. Lower Austria's longest fish pass was built in Altenwörth. In Greifenstein, fish-friendly measures in the "Gießgang" have reconnected the Schmida and Göllersbach rivers to the Danube.
About the project

Project partners for LIFE Network Danube Plus

The project "LIFE Network Danube Plus" is supported by the following finance partners: the EU within the scope of the LIFE+ programme, the Ministry of Agriculture, Regions and Tourism, the provincial government of Lower Austria and the provincial fishing association of Lower Austria. Also involved are the companies entitled to purchase electricity at the Greifenstein and Altenwörth power plants: EVN, Wien Energie, Energie AG, KELAG and VKW.